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Training & Coordinating

錄音工程師訓練及現代樂手訓練 – Recording Engineer & Contemporary Musician Training

Both education and teaching are our keen service area. Our musicians and engineers provide training to those people who love produce music and play music. Engineers will provide teaching on how to using the sequences, understanding the whole step of the recording process, microphone settings, acoustic treatment, dynamics and frequency. Musicians will provide teaching on how to record good music, the way to be the good and creative musician. In order to reach this goal, recording class, contemporary music such as theory class, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and drum set class will provide. Want to know more comprehensive details on our Musician Training, please contact us.

音樂服務聯繫 – Coordinating

Seeking musicians? Seeking live performance? Seeking recording site? Seeking recording equipment? Rental equipment? Out-door recording? On-site training? Our technicians will provide connections to you when needs.

其他 – Others

Other than the above listed services, we are pleased to discuss any other opportunities in music publishing with you. Email us your inquiry!