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Recording Service

旁白製作及VO錄音 – Voiceover (VO) Production

Academic and Educational Publication, Children & Pre-child Story Books, Drama and Broadcast Voiceover have always been our keen services

慶典節日及特別聚會 – Ceremony / Special Gathering

Commercial Annual Dinner - Make a surprise to you boss, colleagues, and teammates, one of the props for your team performance)
School Graduation - Thankfulness to headmaster, teachers, and other parties
Farewell - Give a memorable present to your colleagues, classmates, teammates

婚禮音樂及情歌錄音 – Wedding Music and Song Production

Make a CD with love and thankfulness as a present to the guests in your wedding ceremony and banquet. Recording a love song to your spouse or lovers to express your love and make a surprise!

其他外出錄音服務 – Other Location Recording Service

Other than the services listed above, we are delighted to discuss any other opportunities in music services with you. Email us your inquiry!