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Audio Processing

消除雜音 – Noise Reduction

System used to reduce analogue tape noise or to reduce the level of hiss present in a recording. Noise reduction systems generally employ a coding process while recording and an inverse decoding process during playback. Some vinyl storage device (Cassette) introduce low noise, here is the service to remove those unwanted hums, click and pops, broadband noise, and other unwanted noise. By using the latest technology, noise is shifted to the where the human ear is least sensitive.

移除人聲 – Vocal Removal

Vocal eliminate is a very inexact science. It is very difficult to completely remove vocals from a song. However, with the latest technology, vocal will disappear or partly removal by adjusting EQ, volume, panning position and noise to voice signal.

音樂連接 – Songs Connection

Some performance needs smooth connection of songs, we can tailor made for your needs to connect songs one by one and arrange cross fade, fade in and fade out, highest and lowest volume, different panning and stereo image, and produce a disc for you to match your creative performance

聲音格式轉換 – Audio Converting

Cassette? DAT? MD? CD? DVD Audio? Or MP3? MP4? WMA? AIFF? RA? WAV? SD2? There are so many formats on Audio; we try to provide and convert any format that fulfills to your needs.

增大及最大化 – Loudness & Maximizing

Low level signal generated and calculated to the maximum signal. By using limiter, compressor and dithering , increasing the level of an audio file so that it''s overall signal reaches their maximum scale.

其他 – Others

Other than the above listed services, we are pleased to discuss any other opportunities in music services with you. Email us your inquiry!');