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Studio Setup Consultancy

Studio Setup Consultancy - 錄音室設計顧問

Whenever you need advice on project studio or home studio, our technicians will give you advice on selecting AD/DA Converter, Audio Interface, Reference Monitor, Recording Room Control, Digital or Analogue Console, Midi Control Surface, Midi Interface, Compressor, Maximizer, Effectors, Reference Headphone, Microphone Preamp, Instrument Preamp, Cable wiring, Condenser and Ribbon Microphone, Soft synthesizer, Virtual Instrument etc..

Acoustic Considerations - 隔音及聲音控制

No matter what gear you've amassed, if certain acoustic considerations haven't been addressed, you're going to have a rough time getting world class sounds. One of the essential factors in successful commercial music; you must make those decisions based on an accurate listening environment. With our experience on Acoustic Treatment, our technicians will provide a completed advice on the acoustic consideration. Acoustic treatment including sound diffusion, sound absorption, acoustic control, minimize standing waves, controlled balance of reflection, absorption and diffusion, accurate monitoring, finely tuned and finely designed listening environment.

Other than the above listed services, we are pleased to discuss any other opportunities in studio setup services with you. Email us your inquiry