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Music Production

作曲/填詞/編曲及製作 – Song Writing and Arranging

Song writing, lyric writing, arrangement and producing have always been our keen area.

個人及樂隊音樂樣本製作 – Demo Production

Successful artists all started with well prepared performance demos. We offer demo production at a low cost for singer-wannabes, or simply a private album for you and your friends.

音樂混音 – Song Mixing

Mixing is one important aspect of what makes a great record. What you get a quality recording must include the factor of mixing. It is one of the most powerful aspects because the mix can be utilized to hid weaknesses in other areas.

母碟製作 – Song Mastering

Mastering is a key part of the recording process. It is an art which requires a lot of decision making and it’s always best if those decisions are made according to some serious experience and an accurate listening environment. Mastering is the final preparation of music for duplication. It often means taking mix downs from the studio, optimizing the sound of each track, then arranging the mastered tracks on a replication-ready format that will be used to manufacture the final product.

電影配樂 – Film Music Production

Generically refers to the music contained in a film, literally including theme songs, several sub-film songs and the background music throughout the whole film.

廣告配樂 – TV Commercials (Jingle / Advertising)

Is it any wonder that a TV commercial is more powerful than a newspaper ad? What happens in the commercial and what significance do the various music and sound effects have? How might the actions and events affect viewers and what meaning do they have for people? In this area we focus on the creative music & sound effects productions for commercials.

多媒體及遊戲音樂及音效 – Multimedia Music Production

A game developer may also choose music and sound effects to convey expression in the form of audio. In addition, both elements perform together to create an ongoing awareness or emotion. Music is our way to help the designer to convey the message and expression of the game.

其他製作 – Others

Other than the above listed services, we are pleased to discuss any other opportunities in music services with you. Email us your inquiry!