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Media Publishing

音樂發行 – Media Publisher

Music Publishers are constantly seeking new songwriters and composers who write quality music to add to their books. Part of the Publishers job is to ensure that these individuals are paid for the use of their music by licensing, promoting, managing and safeguarding the copyright of their work. A songwriter/composer sells part or all of the publishing rights to their composition which entitles the publisher to print copies of the song for sale and to promote the song to record companies and artists. They do not take royalties on the 'recording' of the song. This enables the song to be licensed and performed by many artists at different times provided that permission is obtained and correct payments made to the publisher and/or writer.

A songwriter or composer is not required to be a performer to be signed by a publishing company, although many are ex-artists who are established writers or co-writers working with recording artists and the preference is towards performing artists as it increases the possibility of the songs being used/recorded.

Writers/Artists should not expect a publisher to become involved in developing their career, whilst they may sometimes be the first to demo a band, offer creative advice, fund a tour or single release, they are not pro-active in the same manner as a Manager or Record Company , plus their main objective is to successfully obtain established artists to 'cover' material provided by the writers.

It is important that any work you produce is copyrighted prior to presenting it to a publisher, record company or any third party (which includes live performance!).

Most major publishing companies tend to be owned by the same groups that own the major record companies, although there are a host of independent publishers and smaller companies who only publish artists signed to their own label. Unlike record companies who may sign an artist for a limited period, a music publisher can control and sell the same song for decades.

Besides searching for new talent the publishers spend most of their time controlling the use of their copyrights, collecting royalties and keeping their writers informed. The income due is often collected by a society like CASH who were established to represent publishers and songwriters, protecting their rights, negotiating agreements with those who want to use recordings on CD's, cassettes, vinyl, video etc.

音樂書籍出版 – Music Book Publisher

Choosing a reputable book publisher , among the many music related book publishing companies and book publishers available, is a very critical step towards the publishing process. Publishing a book with us means you'll be guided by author advocates who are serious about writing and publishing. They will help you choose the best book publishing options and the most effective marketing tools.

Unlike some book publishers , authors retain all rights and control decisions around the publishing and marketing of their book. You determine how many and when copies of your published book are printed and you select your own royalty schedule. When your book is finished, it's available for order at more book outlets in Hong Kong, on the Internet at common book store.

其他 – Others

Other than the above listed services, we are pleased to discuss any other opportunities in music publishing with you. Email us your inquiry!